Our primary goal at Forest Hill Hockey Association is to promote participation and fun
In order to enhance these objectives, we try to balance the house league teams as evenly as possible. We try to maintain a competitive balance, with maximum participation. If a competitive imbalance between teams does arise, the conveners will trade players between teams, in a manner designed to restore the balance. All players should be aware that they may be traded, and that almost certainly some trades will occur. We try to conclude trades before the December break.

We occasionally receive requests for a player to be placed on the same team as another player or a particular coach, or for coaches to coach together. Such requests often make it difficult to balance the teams initially or to make appropriate trades. Carpool considerations will apply only to registrants who must travel great distances to reach the arena.

It would be ideal if we had exactly the same number of goalies as we have teams. Often, though, we have more goalies than teams, with the result that some goalies must share the workload. Prospective goalies must be prepared to share goaltending duties. Note: Goalies at the Atom level and above are expected to provide their own equipment.

We usually have a waiting list of applicants, many of whom we must turn away owing to lack of space in our program. As a result, we are eager to register players who have a strong commitment to playing hockey at Forest Hill.

Players who miss more than three games owing to conflicting commitments (e.g. other sports or activities) may risk suspension without refund. Such players may also be denied re-registration for the following season, so that more dedicated players will get the opportunity to play. Select players who neglect their commitment to House League will not be allowed to play in Select games.

We encourage parental participation in our league. Parents are invited to offer their services as House League coaches or conveners. Enthusiasm and rapport with children is more important than experience. First-time participants will usually begin as an assistant coach.

The philosophy of FHHA is reflected in the FHHA House League Rules, suggested reading for all players, parents, and coaches.

FHHA is your community hockey association, run by volunteers, for the benefit of our children.

Scroll News
  • Registration for the 2017-2018 season starts April 15th
    Click here for more information.
  • 2017 GTHL Tryout Schedule released
    Click here to view/download.
  • House League begins on Sat, Oct 1st
    Coaches will call with team assignments after the coaches meeting on Wednesday, September 28.
    All game schedules will be posted to the website by Sunday, September 25.
  • Sunday Skills and Learn to Play schedules have been released for the 2016-2017 season
  • FHHA Announces Publication of its Updated League Constitution
    Click here to view.
  • Two New League Policies
    1. The 24-Hour Rule
    2. Social Media and Networking Policy.
  • House League Rules Reviewed & Updated
    House League Rules reviewed and amended for the 2013-14 season. Please click here to view the latest amendments. Please click here to view the current House League set of rules.
  • Ontario Hockey Federation Removes Body Checking from Recreational Hockey
    Click here for more info.
  • GTHL Announces New Speak Out Certification Mechanism for Bench Staff
    Click here to view.
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