2017-2018 Board Member Directors
Aaron GreenbergPresidentpresident@fhha.org
Mark CohenPast President & GTHL Chairmarkcohen@fhha.org
Hersh FormanExecutive Vice Presidenthforman@fhha.org
Yael CohenVice President - select junioryaelcohen@fhha.org
Sue ValenciaVice President - select seniorsuevalencia@fhha.org
Ranjan DasDirector of Refereesranjandas@fhha.org
Mark WexlerVice President - house league seniormarkwexler@fhha.org
David SilverVice President - house league juniordavidsilver@fhha.org
Allen SchachtRegistrarregistrar@fhha.org
Gary CilevitzTreasurergarycilevitz@fhha.org
Dean BenderVice President - communications & brand, Secretarydeanbender@fhha.org

2017-2018 Non-Director Board Members
Sam CordesWebmaster & Consultant to the Boardsamcordes@fhha.org
Melissa GrossmanSponsorship Chairsponsorship@fhha.org
Steve BirchPlayer Developmentstevebirch@fhha.org
Nate BrooksGTHL VP of Operationsnatebrooks@fhha.org
James MacLeanGTHL Program General Managerjamesmaclean@fhha.org
General Informationinfo@fhha.org

2016-2017 FHHA House League Conveners
Squirt DivisionJeremy Mandell,
Paul Lessner,
Matthew Sack,
Erin Carvalho
Novice DivisionJesse Brodlieb,
David Pasternick
Atom DivisionAdam Drutz,
Mark Jamieson
Peewee DivisionMarni Belavin,
Mimi Doherty
Bantam DivisionMarion Albaum,
Sandy Der
Midget DivisionAllen Grinberg,
Brian Spector
Learn To Play ProgramDavid Silverltp@fhha.org
Scroll News
  • Registration for the 2017-2018 season starts April 15th
    Click here for more information.
  • 2017 GTHL Tryout Schedule released
    Click here to view/download.
  • House League begins on Sat, Oct 1st
    Coaches will call with team assignments after the coaches meeting on Wednesday, September 28.
    All game schedules will be posted to the website by Sunday, September 25.
  • Sunday Skills and Learn to Play schedules have been released for the 2016-2017 season
  • FHHA Announces Publication of its Updated League Constitution
    Click here to view.
  • Two New League Policies
    1. The 24-Hour Rule
    2. Social Media and Networking Policy.
  • House League Rules Reviewed & Updated
    House League Rules reviewed and amended for the 2013-14 season. Please click here to view the latest amendments. Please click here to view the current House League set of rules.
  • Ontario Hockey Federation Removes Body Checking from Recreational Hockey
    Click here for more info.
  • GTHL Announces New Speak Out Certification Mechanism for Bench Staff
    Click here to view.
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