About us

The Forest Hill Hockey Association has been a proud supporter of community hockey, and a provider of a safe and nurturing hockey environment since 1960.

The founding members would be proud to see how the Association has grown significantly, with over 800 players participating in our Learn to Play, House League, Select (North York Hockey League) and GTHL (Greater Toronto Hockey League) "A" and "AA" level programs.

We proudly play in the Larry Grossman Forest Hill Memorial Arena, named after one of our own community members, who once coached in the league. We are grateful for the many community members who contribute countless volunteer hours to fostering kids love of hockey, and growing the league. The league literally could not run without them. Their names and legacies can be found on trophies displayed in the arena lobby.

Every Saturday and Sunday, the arena is bustling with activity like every other arena across the country, so our association foundation is firmly built on being Canadian. At the centre of our brand is the deer, which can be traced to the Forest Hill municipal logo and has been present in one form or another for many years. The story of our logo starts with the “fighting deer”, king of the forest, with attributes of intelligence, strength and tenacity which helps our players be successful on the ice. To help our children off the ice and be successful as people, we instill other characteristics of a deer, which are pride, loyalty and honour.

The Forest Hill Hockey Association is a great place for children to play hockey and is a great place for families to enjoy Canada’s game. Please join us and we look forward to you watching and enjoying hockey with us.